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The content of this site is being developed to further the educational objectives and interests of our students, staff, parents, almuni, and those interested in our campus.

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Club Central:
This page is a list of all the clubs in the school along with the president of the club, where they meet, and on what day. Ask the president or vice-president for more info about their club.

Arts & Music:
Keep up on all the artistic stuff going on at West. The marching band or some of the art of our students. Information on the drama club and a schedule of their shows.

You can keep up on West Campus sport teams! You can look for game schedules and scores. Also, there is info on tryouts for all the sports if you missed the 4th period announcements. 

Alumni Page
We are also trying to give our alumni the oppurtunity to be involved.

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About Us

We are West Campus Students. 5022 58th Street Sacramento CA 95820

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College Life

Content about college life is being developed.

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Students taking pictures and submitting them here.

click here to visit site.

Login Instructions: Use wcstudent as login. Use our school mascot for the password.

You will be able to submit pictures and a blog. If you want your own login so people can follow you, please talk to Mr. Brown in room 56.

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Club Name
When they meet
Vang-Her, 64
Sidney Smith, Trina Shaner
Twice a month, Thursday
Vang-Her, 64
Antonio Martinez, Xitali Sedano
Twice a month, Friday
Black Student Union
Thomas, 13
Oluchi Okwu, Amber Wells
Once per month, Wed
Business & Economics
Draeger, 26
Ian Rudd, Salem Macias
Every other week, Thursday
Chinese Culture
Lucca, 32
Wendy Hy, Ashley Dong
Every other week, Thursday
Travers, 11
Erika Tsering, Sarah Yaangh
Weekly, Wed or Fri
CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
Mapplebeck, 63
Shivani Prasad & Robyn Scott, Crystal Yuyama
Twice a month, Friday
Doctor Who
Podsednik, 31
Kendra Updegraff, Emma McHenry
Weekly, Tuesday
Mapplebeck, 63
Meghan Nealon, Brookelyn Tillery
Weekly, Mon-Thurs
Dub C Mob
Hunter, 52
Sydney Richardson, Ileanna Mercado
Once a month, before big games, Wed/Thurs
Feminist Coalition
Trinh, 28
Maddy Sheen, Macie Hedrick
Bi-monthly, Thursday
Brown, 56
Elaine Romano, Brookelyn Tillery
Every other week, Thursday
French Travel
Meyer, 3
Connie Ban, Xiaoying Chen
Two times a month
Game Jam
Brown, 56
Carson Burr, Mignot Berhane
Weekly, Tuesday
Gay-Straight Alliance
Podsednik, 31
Kenia Garcia Beltran, Jessica Melchor
Weekly, Tuesday
Lucca, 32
Adriana Velez, Leslie Franco
Weekly, Friday
Pantages, 14
Brayan Enriquez, Eric Johnson
Twice a week, Tues/Thurs
Halpine, 12
Birdy Pha, Judy Chang
Weekly, Monday
Liard, 2
Vivian Feng, Lexi-Jang Chin
Weekly, Tuesday
Japanese Anime Manga
Daigle, 52
Joanna Sanches, Anson Sachao
Bestgen, 46
Ashley Dong, Vivian Feng
Weekly, Wed
Tarman, 34
May Xiong, Hien Vu
Weekly, Wed
Jaime, 22
Clarssa Pacheco, Hector Garcia
Weekly, Wed
Literary & Creative Arts Magazine
Moore, 1
Elaine Romano, Meghan Nealon
Every other week, Tuesday
Halpine, 12
Jamielee Cua, Asami Saido
Every other week, Thursday
Marvel & DC
Jaime, Library
Amber Craig, Diego Macias
Every other week, Wed
Baty, 27
Jason Kim, Trieu Nguyen
Weekly, Friday
Bell, 16
Joanna Espera, Tram Vo
Weekly, Thursday
Travers, 11
Anson Saechao, Ashlee Chou
Weekly, Thursday
Moot Court
Tran, 41
Nicholas Roy, Alexus Garcia
Once/twice a week, Wed
National Honor Society
Mapplebeck, 63
Ashley Dong, Shivani Prasad
Every other week, Thursday
Daigle, 52
Finley Stitt, Vendela Williams
Every other weekly, Tuesday
Laird, 2
Ruby Winsor, Maria Rios
Twice a month, Wed
Ping Pong
Tran, 41
Garret Conrad, Mignot Berhane
Weekly, Wed
Red Cross
Meyer, 3
Xiaoying Chen, Connie Ban
Once or twice a month, Thursday
Moore, 1
Juan Pablo Hernandez, Lauren Burns
Science Bowl
Hotell, 47
Jasson Kim, Emily Kim
Weekly, Tuesday
Stand Up To Cancer
Travers, 11
Meghan Nealon, Lauren Burns
Stick & String
Tarman, 34
Emily Kim, Ying Vue
Weekly, Wed
Samaan, 62
Chanel Jennings, Isabel Spaeth
Weekly, Wed
Hunter, 52
Lara Mawacue, Amy Velasco
Twice a month, Monday
Brown, 56
Diego Macias, Ashley Dong
Every other week, Thursday
The HERO Program
Maher, 15
Evelia Vasquez, Kylie Dickinson
Every other week, Wed
The Mijas
Rebecca, Office
Sharon Smith, Camille Reyes
Every ither week, Wed
Travers, 11
Teresa Huang, Qi Liu
Weekly, Mon and/or Fri
Walking Dead
Samman, 62
Hannah Reynoso, Amber Craig
Weekly, Tuesday
WC Creative Writing
Lucca, 32
Asami Saito, jamielee Cua
Weekly, Thursday


School Calandar

Announcements: Click Here

We are working on this section. Our goal is for students and staff to upload content from a mobile device that can be shared by all.

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The science fair was March 5, 2015 in the gym.


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The Arts

Marching Band & Color Guard:

The West Campus Warrior Marching Band & Color Guard is a 6 period class that is full of excitement! There are around 16 instruments and percussion instruments to choose from in the band section or dancing and twirling flags, plastic guns and plastic swords in color guard. They start working around the middle of summer on their field show where they perform at competitions at different high schools representing West Campus! After marching season, they perform in concert formation playing protégés songs. Starting in December with Christmas music and then later in spring with songs that are at level 3 music sighting or higher! The West Campus Warrior Marching Band & Color Guard will blow you away!

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Crab Feed

The West Campus Crab Feed was March 14th.

Thanks to all those who helped make the Crab Feed a great success.
A special thanks to all our sponsors. We couldn't have did it without them.
Entertainment was provided by West Campus students.
The event was held at Giovanni Hall of St. Mary's parish at 1333 58th Street

Crab Feed Pictures Here

Additional Details Here

Support our Sponsors

Schools FCU


Todd Taylor



CA Railroad Museum


Red Rabbit


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Alumni Page

Add a shoutout to current students. Tell us what you are doing.

Rally dates for visiting

Alumni Connections

Shoutouts and Updates

coming soon

We are working on this section. Our goal is for alumni to upload content from a mobile device that can be shared by all. We'd like it to be searchable by graduation year. And also listed by Date posted. Maybe some sub sections.

Alumni Rally Visitations

Alumni Connections

submit a link to alumni pages

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West Campus High School Athletics offers students the opportunity to compete in many sports.  Baseball, Softball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Football, Boys and Girls Golf, Cheer, Co-Ed Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling, Soccer, Cross Country, Boys and Girls Volleyball, and more!  Not only are there pictures of the teams, there's also a schedule of the games to cheer on our Warriors! If the specific sport isn’t on the calendar, please visit for the West Campus Athletics site for more information. Sports packets are also available at the site.

See Current Sports and Scores at MaxPreps

Sports Calandar

MaxPreps Link

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Engineering Program

West Campus started the Engineering program for Freshmen in September of 2014. They will continue in the program through their Senior year.

For 2014-2015 school year, Incoming Freshmen, current Juniors and Seniors can enter the program. West Campus is starting a Game Jam program that reaches out into the community. Tuesdays 3:15-5:30PM Mr. Brown is the primary contact for the Engineering program and teaches years one and two. He can also be contacted about the Game Jam program.

Contact Mr. Brown

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